Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Starting my 30 b4 30 goals

I made my list about a month ago of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30. Now it's time to get started on a few things. I want to get started on the long turn goals now this way they become habits that I cary into my 30th year.
Here are the goals I've chosen to get started on:
8. Set a daily schedule that includes scripture and prayer
9. Maintain 3 days a week exercise
10. Build a menu that works month to month
26. Routinely drink more water
30. Build a better stronger marriage with my husband

5 at one time that can seem like a lot to start but if you really look at the goals it's really only 3 and in some ways 2. These goals are interlocked.

This morning I began by breaking out my bible. I've decided to start with Matthew and to read from there. Faith, religion and prayer are things I have struggled with in the past, I believe in Jesus and God I just don't have a great relationship or connection. I am striving to gain this. Advice wanted! What is your daily schedule like? Do you include daily scripture and prayer?

For the past 6 weeks I have been working on a couch to 5k plan with a friend of mine. Things are going as expected I have my good days and my not so much ones. More than anything I am just proud of us for sticking to it for this long! Doing good on the 3 days a week of exercise. How often do you exercise, what does your routine look like?

I make my weekly meal menu every Friday. Every friday I am at a loss on what to cook. We eat a variety of food I just always seem to forget something. I want to make a meal plan that is a no brainer. This can be a little tougher for our eating habits than most (we try to stay away from preservatives, HFCsyrup, dairy milk, most meats, and eat all natural organic as much as we can). What is your meal planning strategy? Cost saving advice?

Water, water, water. I really struggle to make myself drink enough daily. It's really not that I drink a bunch of crap I'll simply go through the day and drink nothing. To kick start my water drinking I am taking part in resolution in motion a plan to get my drinking going. You can read my steps to success for me on the link and offer advice here or there. I must be doing something right though I wore out my water bottle!

Building a better stronger marriage with my husband. This might be the hardest one for me. It's not that I don't love him. In all honesty being an affectionate and outwardly loving person just doesn't come natural. Being a mom and good home maker come natural to me being a good wife not so much. I am hoping by building a better relationship with God this will help me with my husband. How have you built your marriage?

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  1. I have a 40/40 list and hadn't thought of breaking it down like that, might look into it. Maybe I'll get more done. I'm slacking! Like your list, good stuff!!