Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Miller sign tutorial

This project was super easy. My husband was away so I bought pre-cut materials instead of having the hubby cut.
Supply list:
6- 1x4 cut to 4 feet long
2- 1x2 cut to 2 feet long
paint, stain, and sandpaper
some screws and a heavy duty picture hanger (it weighs just over 20 pounds)

Step 1:
Line up 1x4 boards how you want them face down and screw in 1x2 board to hold them in place.
There you go DONE! Well at least he hard part is finished.

Step 2:
Paint stripes. I used masking tape to create perfect edges that I would later mess up. After painting the blue and white stripes I penciled the letters then filled them in with white paint. The white paint was used to create an even base for the top color.

Step 3:
Paint over white with final color (green) and paint around edges with accent color (gold).

This could have very mush been the last step but I wanted to give it a rough look.

Step 4:

I got out the sander and sanded the edges and some spots on the front.

Step 5:

After sanding and dusting I got out some navy stain and put a SMALL amount over the top to give a worn feel.
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