Sunday, November 4, 2012

Not even 1 pound

Here’s a little back story: I was athletic in HS, I was athletic in college, and then I had three kids. The mix of married life, and mommyhood over the past 6 years has changed my body in ways that are UNTHINKABLE. Once muscular and toned arms from lifting now get most of their exercise from picking up the little ones. I am convinced my thighs and stomach will never be the same again. I LOVE MY KIDS and HUSBAND but my goodness what have they done to my body.
That was me almost 7 years ago with my nephew I would give anything to have that body back.
Here I am earlier this summer hiding behind a one piece with baby on hip.
The time is now.
It is time to do something about it.
3 weeks ago my friend and I started training to do a 5k. Honestly, we are really more interested in the results we see on the scale than the 5k. We looked on pinterest and found the easy to do couch to 5k plan.
We’ve been doing it. I've worked out more in the past few weeks than I have in years.
I feel like I am working my butt off. 3 weeks down and sadly I haven’t lost a single pound. I am seriously getting discouraged.

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  1. Fellow Military wife here (Marines). Nice to find you
    Found you on the hop. New follower. I'd love if you stopped by my page

  2. I think you are beautiful just as you are! You have had 3 kids and look great!

  3. Don't get discouraged yet! Just keep working through it, usually in that second month you start to see the weight melt off!

  4. You are my new bloggy friend. (I am also a new follower.) I started the C25K plan three weeks ago as well. I used to be toned and have tight stomach muscles and after a kid, they are no longer. I am hoping to get in better shape and to feel better about myself in the process. If you ever need motivation, feel free to email me. Haha. I know I need a whole lot of motivation somedays. Like today. I really am not feeling up to running at all.

  5. Oh and since I somehow missed it, I haven't lost a pound either. In fact, I have gained a pound. My running friend insists this is normal and says he didn't start seeing any results until a month into the program.

    1. I hope your friend is right… this is getting tough and no results :/

  6. I am not a runner, in high school the only reason I ran was to train for the Marines. After the Marines I would workout a total of 1-3 weeks a year! Now after our second child I, too, need a change! I started doing Insanity at home and lost 5 lbs the first week! I will swear by these beachbody workouts!
    New follower hun! Hope you'll come by and follow back!


  7. I trained for an ran and 1/2 marathon after my first baby and didn't lose a pound. In the past few weeks I've been making major diet changes (loosely following the paleo diet) and I've lost 10 pounds. I've also been doing a stroller fitness class where we do similar workouts to crossfit. I would suggest something other than running actually :) I totally understand though...I had 60 pounds to lose!!!

    1. I totally appreciate all the encouraging comments. I have been good this week, stuck with it when I didn't want to lost 5 pounds.

  8. Hi Danielle, I have been trying to lose the extra 10 pounds I have gained after three pregnancies and two babies. It's hard! I believe I can do it though, you can too!

    Found you at Military Spouses' Blog Network. I'm an Army spouse and a blogger currently in Germany. I'm following your blog now and would love to have you follow my blog back. When you do, please leave a comment so I'd know you stopped by. Thank you in advance!