Monday, November 26, 2012

Wonderful weekend

I love the holidays! I love the food and the family.
This year my brother hosted the big turkey day. He and his wife made a wonderful dinner. She made most of it and still had time to make everything beautiful.

It was great day the kids all got to play outside thank you warmer weather! When the sun went down the adults got to play hello poker!

So Black Friday shopping who went? Was it worth it? How about cyber Monday? I don't do the whole going out at some crazy hour shopping. Mostly because I try to finish all of my shopping by Thanksgiving. This year I did order 2 leapfrog game cartridges for my kids they were like a third of the original price but thats it.


  1. I too had almost all my shopping done by Thanksgiving so I did not go out shopping. I did take advantage of some free shipping deals an Amazon and Toys R us and finished up some of my son's Christmas.

  2. I am impressed. You try and finish all your shopping by Thanksgiving. I wish I were the organized and proactive. I avoided all shopping this weekend. I might regret it later but I had a blissful retail free weekend.