Friday, November 16, 2012

Fridays letters

Christmas 2010
Christmas 2011
Dear Preston, Thank you for an amazing week. You did great on the potty lets keep it up!
Dear Payton, Please stop being so whiney and so much like me.
Dear Cooper, You are almost two I think it’s time to start talking.
Dear Colder weather, I’ve had enough.
Dear Tennessee weather, please be gentle on us we’ve been away for a while.
Dear Army, Please let my husband finish up ASAP so we can get home.
Dear Paint and sip class, Please be easy (not just the whine drinking part) this painting looks difficult.
Dear Saturday morning shopping, Please be productive. I need to finish off my Christmas shopping.
Dear Saturday morning Starbucks, Please be all I have waited for.
Dear Christmas decorations, You are so coming out this weekend and I can't wait.

Happy Friday!



  1. What drink do you plan on getting? I have been waiting all week for Sbux too! The drive-thru is too packed on my way to work so I am looking forward to picking some up tomorrow morning.



    1. So excited for my drink this morning… Still not sure what to get.

  2. sooo jealous you are taking out your christmas deocorations this weekend! I want to so bad but my fiance won't let me til after christmas.

    what a butthead!

    Have fun:):)