Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wine and sip

Lets talk artistic ability here for a second. Okay, so as for me I have very little true artistic ability. But once a month I try to support my friend Pauli who teaches a paint class in our community.
After a long week what could be better than girls and wine. Did I mention that it isn’t just a painting class that wouldn’t be fun? This class is coupled with all you can drink sip wine. Basically we drink wine and attempt to paint a picture that is above our artistic abilities.
I have attended this class a few times and let me tell you it’s a blast. This time friend and fellow blogger, Candace, came along to enjoy the fun. Candace is a new mommy to the most beautiful little girl Harper.

As a mom, especially as a stay at home mom it is so important for us to get that time away from the kids and just let down and have a good time. These classes are great for that. The wine loosens you up and the amount of concentration I have to put into my painting makes me forget what’s going on back at home.
It’s kinda like bowling I always seem to do better after a few drinks.
This is what we were attempting to paint.

Pauli is pretty good at this art thing.
Check out my progression:

Well there it is in all its glory! Not perfect but I had a great time doing it!


  1. FUN!!! Your painting is really good!

  2. What a fun night out. You are so right, as a stay at home mom, a night out, with the kids, is great to recharge your mommy batteries. Your friend Candace is REALLY talented. Your painting turned out great.

  3. There is a place near me that offers these night outs and I think it would be fun!

  4. I need to find one of these classes near me! Sounds like fun