Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Resolution in motion

Resolution in motion
We all know the importance of water. We’ve had the 8 glasses of water talk since we were kids. Its not that I don’t know the importance of water and all the oh so wonderful things it will do for my body. I’m just busy yep I said it I AM TOO BUSY TO DRINK WATER.
Well not anymore, I am no longer to busy to drink my share of H2O. For the next 6 weeks I will drink 8 glasses of water every day. Here’s my plan for success. Hopefully by following this plan I will keep my hunger at bay and lose a few pounds.


  1. That is a great goal, and something I need to do better with too! My tip would be to get a great water bottle that you love! I actually wrote an ode to my water bottle in a blog post once so...yeah. I know you can do it!

    PS- Your blog design is adorable! Love it!

  2. That is a wonderful resolution! It is so crazy how could water is for you, but not many people actually drink it. I used to despise drinking water, but now that I work for a gym I love it and drink it all day! I also feel so much better health-wise.
    xoxo Kenzie
    P.S. I nominated you for an award

  3. New follower, I love the mason jar toothbrush holder that you posted a few days ago:) Come check us out at http://www.thechirpingmoms.com!


  4. I justify my water drinking naughtiness by saying that my 10 cups of tea count....um....I admire you. I also think I may have a tea addiction!

    1. Who doesn't love tea and at least you have a valid reason ;). I just don't drink until Im past thirsty.