Resolution in motion #2

During the first round of Revolution in Motion I didn’t reach my goal of drinking 8 glass of water daily. I still need to work on this. But round two I ROCKED!

My goal: 
My goal for the next six weeks is to Read more. I plan to read 3 books over the next 6 weeks. I know not a huge task. I love reading. I just seem to always get distracted on other things or run out of time. Reading more is one of my goals for this year so I figured why not jump start it with a 6 week commitment. 

Not only did I reach my goal this round I kicked my goals butt! I didn’t just read 3 books I read 5.5 books!

Here they are: 


  1. Um... you totally rock!! I am so impressed!! did you like the books? You should totally do a review post!!
    I've read Skinny Bitch...afterwards, I was thisclose to laying off meat. hahaha

  2. You definitely kicked this goal's butt! Which book would you recommend to read?

    Rosie xo