Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life truly is wonderful

 I am not an eternal optimist to be honest most days I find little to be optimistic about. That being said I wouldn't call myself a pessimist either. I am a realist. Yes, for those of you wondering or doubting there is a difference. I don’t see the world as bad nor do I think that only negative or bad things happen. I am just real about what is happening and what is going on. This coupled with my blunt honesty has gotten me into trouble especially when I was a child. 

Now as an adult with children of my own I have learned to holster this (at least when they are around). My children remind me of all the good there is in the world they also project their undying optimism onto me. They honestly believe everything is okay and will be okay which I find wonderful. 
Children are amazing creatures. God did a fine job when creating the Childs mind. 

Life is so good and sometimes we get caught up in this crazy world that we forget how truly blessed we are. 

We live in a beautiful world we just have to be willing to choose that beauty. You have to recognize that beauty. 

I tend to get stuck. I see the world beyond my own front door and I see all the bad. Everything ugly going on out there in the world. I should and we should focus on what is happening here in our homes with our families. 

So many people get lost in far away hopes and dreams; a life where the grass is greener. I once read, “the grass is always greener where you water it.” This just makes sense! The grass is and will be green where you put in the most effort. 

Well this has been a bunch of half baked thoughts from a realist. 


  1. I feel as you, I have to remind myself and look for the beauty sometimes. I get news only when I need to, I just can't stomach half the "ugly" that is out there. (I love the first pic you posted, cute!!)