Monday, February 4, 2013

Hello busy weekend with a milkaholic party!!!

We had a busy weekend. There was a beautiful sun rise, a birthday, a baby shower, and a date. 

I went out side Friday morning and the sky was on fire. Seriously, no joke the sun rise was probably the most beautiful I have ever seen. My photos give it no justice. 

There are so many things in my life that should show me the awesomeness of our Lord and our creator but I seldom look at them as that. However, the sight out side my window on Friday nearly took my breath away. Simply magnificent. 

As I previously posted here I no longer have a baby. As of Saturday he’s is now a big 2 year old. Sadly, enough with that my husband is no longer letting me call him the baby anymore. 
Cooper opened his presents all on his own this year which was quite a thing. He would get about half way done taking the tissue out only to go back and put it all back in. Opening his 4 presents took about 30 minutes longer than it should have none the less he was excited and loves his new toys. There was cake... but no pictures were taken not sure about that.


My good friend Pauli and I hosted a baby shower for 3 pregnant mamas (1 couldn’t attend). The theme Milkaholic it was a fun and hilarious shower. 

Here's a sneak peek at the decorations!!! 

Than later that evening I took my lovely husband out on a date. This was a pretty big sacrifice for me... I am not a seafood lover but he is. So we went to an oyster bar. THere were no oysters ordered my food was actually pretty bad but my husband enjoyed his... Well except the part where we were reminded that you can’t buy alcohol on Sunday’s in Alabama. To this is replied “Alabama sucks” I needed that beer. LOL. But we did go for froyo after and that was great.

Aren’t these funny one so fun and playful the other so dark. 

So what did you do this weekend? And how do you like your froyo?


  1. Love that photo of the sunset - gorgeous! Sounds like you had a fab weekend! You're lil guy is so cute!!

    World According to Shia

    1. Isn't it a beautiful picture (it was actually sunrise). He is too cute and he knows it. :)

  2. Oh no! Sorry the food wasn't any good for you! Yes, the Sunday thing has gotten us a few times in Enterprise, argh!