Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's Thursday

Man for me this week has blown by! We have been beyond busy and I can tell that my days as a taxi driver have just begun. So here you have it... It's okay..

that I kinda thrive on this crazy life.
to be taxi driver just don't expect any dash decorations or beads in my car. 
that I am more than freaked about about my latest medical diagnosis.
to be ready for more bad news at my next appointment on Tuesday. 
to read just one more chapter before folding the laundry and then just one more chapter before putting it away. 
to be so happy that it is raining (I might actually be able to get some stuff done at home today)
to be so super ready for the weekend. 

Sorry not too much to say today. 

Its Ok Thursdays


  1. Sorry to hear about your bad news - I hope everything is okay and you hear some better news on Tuesday!!

    Cracking up at your no dash decor and beads!

    World According to Shia

    1. Thank you! I am hoping for better news too!
      I know it is so bad to stereotype but thats all I can think of when I see a taxi :/