Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines and It's okay Thursday

I’m just going to say this I am not a big Valentines day gal. Don't get me wrong I love flowers and chocolate just as much as the next gal. Well, maybe not just as much you see I think potted living flowers are much more appealing than ones that will die in 3-7 days. Chocolate heck yes there... but I wont be eating any this year :( 

But I will use this opportunity to write about love. That’s what today is all about right?

I’m not a big mushy gushy I love you gal. I don’t really see love like most people do. I see love as a conscious choice. A choice that using good sense we decide to make. 

I guess I am just not a romantic love at first sight type of gal. I can totally understand how people reading this can think that maybe I am just a little nuts. I think my views on love make more sense at the other end of love, the part where loving someone is over. It might be easier to think about if you think about choosing to stop loving someone. 

It’s okay Thursday

It’s okay: 

to not be completely in love with this holiday.
to be completely in love with your spouse (thats me)
that on day 2 of lent I already want some coffee.
to be overly excited about paint and sip class tomorrow.
that my picture will likely be horrible. 
soccer practice was cancelled 2 of 3 days this week (thank you rain). 
I think I may have signed the kids up for too many activities... 
that today is Valentines day. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines day!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!! I've never really been a huge fan of this holiday either...(hubby and I wait for the day AFTER V-day to buy each other gifts, since everything is on sale)...but I do love that I have a day to brag about how much I love my guy and nobody can whine about it!! Haha. You have such a cute little family.

    Oh, what is a 'paint & sip' class?

    Happy Thursday!!

    Newest follower :)
    Allison @ 365ProjectLife

    1. I'm glad you stopped by! I will be checking your blog out when I am finished here :)! Sip and paint is a fun art class a friend of mine teaches we drink wine and paint pictures.
      Here's the link to the last one we did... I'm pretty bad at it but it's lots of fun!