Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pink heart pancakes

As I posted here I am not a huge or even big fan of Valentines. I do think the history behind the day is pretty cool but in recent years Valentines has become more of a hallmark holiday. I however enjoy making the day special for my little ones. 
This morning they woke up to the smell of home made pancakes. Confused my oldest asked if it was Saturday (my usual pancake day). After assuring her it was Thursday and even better Valentines day she was elated to see what I had cooking on the griddle. 
Pink heart shaped pancakes. 
This seriously was one of the easiest ways I have made these kids happy. 

I use this recipe and substitute the milk for almond milk I also sub cooking spray for my olive oil spray. When using the cookie cutter be sure to spray it with the oil to prevent sticking. Be sure not to put too much in the cutter or you will have a 2 inch thick pancake. (A little bit goes a long way) 


  1. Super cute! Loving that your lil one was like is it Saturday =)

    Happy Valentine's Day!!
    World According to Shia

    1. Haha ya! Shes silly. And to only make things more confusing I asked if she wanted pancakes for dinner... She looked at me like I was NUTS!