Monday, March 25, 2013

co-sleeping kinda

I have been described as crunchy or a natural mamma but co-sleeping has never been my (our) thing. Sure we have woken up numerous times with one, two or three children sharing our queen bed with us, but we have never “co-slept” in its full sense. When our babies now 5,3 and 2 were little I always liked the idea but couldn’t get past being scared. And when my husband was deployed my then 4 and 1.5 year old spent most nights with me but those times were more out of circumstance. 

Flash forward a few years welcoming baby number 3 who is now 2. As I talked about in length here Cooper had a rough start. He entered into our world a bit underdone and subsequently spent some extra time in the hospital. He has always been a difficult sleeper waking up randomly during the night just to turn the light on or play. I have actually woken up to every light in the house on from this little man. He usually makes his way into our bed by the middle of the night. Now after months which have turned into years we have decided to bring his toddler bed into our room. 

Although we wont be sharing in any of these fun sleeping arrangements we are co-sleeping kinda. 

We finally decided to make the move to benefit the whole family. Cooper was waking everyone up at all hours with the lights he was turning on. And we figured he would be more comfortable and sleep easier next to mommy and daddy. 

Last night was the first night with Cooper in our room heres how it went: 
The little man went to bed perfectly. My husband laid him down around 8 and he fell fast asleep. He stayed in his bed until I got up for some water around 3 where he joined me in the kitchen. After a few big gulps Cooper went right back to his bed and slept till morning! Both of the older two are still sleeping! This could be a great thing! I truly loved having my "baby" closer to me. 

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