Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Berry scones

I’m about to be real honest here... I LOVE SCONES. It’s not that I think scones are okay, I LOVE these amazing treats. Scones are so versatile all the delicious flavors mmmm I am seriously making myself hungry. 

Growing up I don't remember ever having a scone. It sounds like something my parents would like but I just don't remember eating them... We were a big cereal family. 

I remember when and where I fell in love with these bad boys. During college I started working for one of the best companies out there Starbucks Coffee Co. And man oh man did they have some delish scones. My love only grew from there. Now not to knock what the Sbucks has going on but homemade scones are by far the best I have ever had. 
Here you have it the recipe for my delicious fresh berry scones(you can totally use frozen):

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