Sunday, March 3, 2013

What a beautiful weekend...

Oh how I wish I could start my post with that! It was cold this weekend. The cold however wasn’t the bad part the bone chilling wind that was the part that kept me indoors almost all weekend. So instead of boring you with a lame story of how we played board games and hide and seek with the kids I’ll tell you about my awesome trip to Cancun Mexico. 

I know random right! After returning home from a LONG deployment my husband was in much need of a vacation. I went along more than willingly. We were lucky enough to have my older brother and his wife join us on this awesome adventure. We don’t do typical things when on vacation. We didn’t go sight seeing unless you consider Walmart in Mexico a sight. We didn’t rent a car but rode one super sketchy bus after another. We didn’t swim with any really big fish but I did release a baby sea turtle into the wild. We didn’t use sun screen my husband became a lobster and required aloe. We didn’t go to the store and load up on practical supplies like water and food when the hurricane hit we got beer and snacks and hit the beach with our lawn chairs. We were determined to have a front row seat. Thinking back on it this may not have been the best idea, but hey we survived. We did go fishing and do dome really funny things. The sun was warm and the surroundings were breath taking. 

You might be wondering why I am choosing to write about a trip that happened months ago. Well, let me tell you. Right now as I write this the heat is pumping, I am layered in cloths and my toes are freezing! I am choosing to write about Cancun because it was warm and beautiful there. And maybe just maybe I can channel some of that warmth. 

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