Friday, March 15, 2013

A kick butt soccer game and the truth about the Easter bunny.

I am going to start this post with a bit of totally awesome news!!!! Payton is totally rocking soccer. I just needed to find her motivation. Apparently, it was different than mine. When I was a kid and into my High school years my dad would have to yell at me get me mad and I would ROCK! It totally made me more aggressive. I know weird but hey thanks dad you made me a better player. This does not work with Payton she likes things... Before her game last night I told her if she scored two goals I would get her something special... SHE KICKED BUTT!!!! She scored twice, she was super aggressive, she actually ran, she was defiance, she asked for the ball, I am one proud mama. Not that I’m not always proud but I could tell she was putting in 100%! So we went out and got ice cream! 

Then I found out this happened...

My husband went on a walk the other day she asked him about the Easter bunny and he was honest... 

My husband actually told her there was no Easter bunny and explained the real reason we celebrate Easter. Part of me wanted to kill him. Seriously, I was so so mad! I called him at work I gave him a piece of my mind then I got over the shock and then the bigger part of me totally understand stood . She's five I get that, and I totally want her to live a great childhood. Does it have to be filled with lies? And where does it stop? I am not ready to talk about the big man in red. But I don't agree with the Easter bunny.
What is a good age to explain these lies to your kids? Is it fair to let them find out from other kids? Where do we draw the line? 

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