Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wrapping up a resolution in motion

At the beginning of November I made a goal to drink more water. You can read about it here and read my smart plan here.

I broke out my favorite water bottle a 32 ouncer and filled and drank for the first week. Then my aggressive drinking style broke my bottle. So I had to pull out the back up bottle.

I didn’t lose any weight… and I didn’t drink my full 8 glasses everyday. I did however drink more on a daily basis than previously before.
When I made my resolution I thought this was a piece of cake man what I wrong. More than anything I would forget then as the six weeks went on I simply just didn’t want to. I plan to continue on the path to drinking more.


  1. Dude... you are so hard core that you broke your water bottle... that is awesome! HAHAHa! Love it. Thanks for linking up Danielle! Can't wait to see what you come up with next round!

  2. You broke your water bottle?!?! That's pretty durn good ;) I'm with you though, I didn't do as well with cutting out Mt. Dew and didn't always drink my 8 glasses a day but I've been drinking more water than I have in a long time so that's a huge plus =)

  3. Get back up on that horse, girl! I need to drink more water too. I'm glad you participated this round, and I hope you continue to work toward your goals!