Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's okay…

It’s Thursday again which means we are one day closer and only one day away from the weekend! I value my time during the week; I get to spend every waking moment with the most awesome boys in the world (and Part time with my school girl). Did I mention EVERY waking moment? So as much as I love every day I love the weekend I get a break and I get to parent with someone.

It’s okay …

To be more excited for Christmas than my kids.
To be tired of these NIGHTLY elf projects.
That at 50 degrees I’m FREEZING.
To just want a lazy weekend.
I broke the no present’s rule for the hubby!
To avoid the scale during the holidays.
To love checking the mail.


  1. :) I too am a bit tired of this elf thing! It's our second year doing it and the ideas are not flowing all that well! Exciting you got a fun present for you hunny!

  2. It's definitely ok to be cold because...50 degrees is cold!!! Freezing, actually!

  3. I totally agree with it being okay to be over the elf thing .. I'm thankful my kiddo could care less and I have another year off! I tried this year, it was met with rolled eyes basically, so I put him away. Phew!

    And, I'm cold at 60 degrees. So I hear you on that one!!