Monday, August 19, 2013

Carnival Party

Last week my little girl turned 6. I'm am totally amazed at the wonderful little girl she is becoming but in all honesty it is happening way way too fast. 
We originally planned to celebrate Payton's birthday with a big birthday carnival... Then I checked the weather, then it rained, then I changed most of my plans. Luckily almost everything dried up prior to our first guests and the rain stayed away for all but the last 30 minutes.So some of our plans changed but we still had a great time! 

Here are the invitations we gave out! You can find these and similar invitations here 

 Hello dessert bar! 

 Ruffle Cake

 Marshmallow POPS! Found here!

 Birthday Girl! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Preston!

         Happy Birthday!

Dear Preston, 
It’s funny when I usually think about writing letters like these my mind is flooded with what to write. Today I am short of words. 
Today you are officially a big boy! You’re 4 now that’s a big boy! Now that you are a big boy this potting thing is a must!  Happy Birthday little man. I love you! 


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What I learned in my first 30 days as a Scentsy consultant

It has been just over thirty day since I started selling Scentsy! So far I can say this is going to be an awesome ride. I have already learned so much; I have learned a lot about the direct sales business, about people and about myself. I am going to share some of what I have learned in my first 30 days as a Scentsy consultant.

This isn't going to be some formal list or a great big document about everything that is great about Scentsy. All this is is a small list of the most important things I have learned! 

- This whole Scentsy business is LIFE CHANGING!
- I love this company and they love me too! 
- DS (direct sales) is more of a people business than a sales business.
- Building relationships is key.
- I can come out of my shell! 
- There may be 10,000 consultants in your area but most of them are not working their business.
- You get out what you put in.
- This is fun!
- I now get paid for my much needed mommy time. 
- I can make a lot of money doing this.
- I made back my initial investment in less than 10 days (with only 1 party).
- Scentsy can sell itself (thats how great this stuff is)
- Scentsy wants me to succeed not just because they want money but because they want to empower people! 

Like I said this is just a short list of what I have learned in the past 30 days working with Scentsy! But let me be loud and clear I love this already! 

July's Scentsy warmer of the month!

This is so seriously cute!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

And now on to 1st grade!

Earlier this month my big girl finished Kindergarten... 
I know it is so cliche but it seems just like yesterday she was going to school! Looking like this and wanting to be a baker: 
A lot has changed in the past 180 (school)days... She now wants to be a vet and hates the color purple just to name a few. As a mom I wanted to document these changes. 
I decided at the end of each school year I was going to write a letter, make a list, jot some notes, not sure what to call it all about Payton and what happened during that year. So on her last day of school I asked her a bunch of questions and then wrote it all down... Payton will get her collage when she graduates from high school... Here's what this years looked like!