Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend wrap up

We always have good weekends. But this weekend was GREAT. This weekend I am able to measure that based on our little ones ability to stay awake past 7.

January and the lake not really two things that go together very often but hello Alabama wonderful weather. We had a beautiful 70 degree weekend.

On Saturday we all including the water loving pup took a trip to the lake. The kids played in the water, we ate, we played and Astro swam. After we got back home we ate some more then set up the camp fire. No no marshmallows we all just sat around and enjoyed each others company. It was the perfect end to an amazing day.

On Sunday Daddy, the older two and Astro took another trip. First stop the archery range where daddy and Preston got some practice in. Preston's practice however had little to do with a bow and arrow but rather his ability to go potty on a tree. After finishing up there they took another trip to the Lake where they played and Astro swam. She’s one tired pup.

As I sit here writing this I feel so thankful to the Lord for all the wonderful things he has provided me. So truly blessed.

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