Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's almost here

So as you know and as I have documented here and here things on my end have been busy and my computer all but blew up. But I have great news... It's (as in my new and so super wonderful iMac) will be delivered on Friday. What a wonderful belated birthday present. I plan to post and write and edit all weekend!!!!
Here is a pic of what the new beauty is going to look like.



  1. Now thats looks flash. Very Nice.
    I have been reading your blog through your link on the Better Bloggers Network. I have enjoyed your blog, so thank you. I have also nominated you on my blog for a Liebster Award. This is the link to the post

    1. thank you that is very kind of you. I'm going to try to work on it this weekend. :)

  2. just had my computer blow up too,great to get a new one isn't it?
    cute blog!
    Bec x