Monday, October 29, 2012

Oatmeal cookies

Oatmeal cookies are special to me. Not special because they are my favorite cookie but special because of the memories that go along with them. Growing up I can remember being in the kitchen with my dad baking away. We baked all sorts of things! Cookies, cakes, pies, brownies, the list could go on and on. I loved making cookies but boy oh boy was I BAD at it. I over melted the butter they came out flat, I forgot how many cups of flour I had already added they tasted funny, I over beat, I forgot the timer, I did EVERYTHING wrong, but my dad ate them with a smile. Even with all my mess-ups we still made them year after year together.

Thankfully, I have now mastered the art of the cookie. These oatmeal cookies are truly delicious even though they are without nuts and raisins (the hubby isn’t a fan).

The big pouty lip indicates deep concentration.


1 cup butter softened

1 cup white sugar

1 cup packed brown sugar

2 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 cups all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon salt

1 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

3 cups oats

Directions In a medium bowl, cream together butter, white sugar, and brown sugar.

Beat in eggs one at a time, then stir in vanilla. Combine flour, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon; stir into the creamed mixture.

Mix in oats. Cover, and chill dough for at least one hour. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Grease cookie sheets. Roll the dough into walnut sized balls, and place 2 inches apart on cookie sheets. Flatten each cookie with a large fork dipped in sugar.

Bake for 8 to 10 minutes in preheated oven.

Allow cookies to cool on baking sheet for 5 minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.

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